Friday, June 27, 2008

Blogger, Why Don't You Remember Me?

I have to re-login to blogger every day. I check the little 'remember me' check box, but as the sun rises, blogger forgets who I am yet again. Am I really that boring that websites forget my name soon after I leave the room?

Corinne and the kids are about to leave on a camping adventure and then a visit to the beach. I will be at home slaving away, financing the entire trip. Ha. I really do wish I could go, but I've burned up enough vacation days this year already and am extremely behind at work.

It's ok. I'm looking forward to a weeks worth of pizza and chicken tenders.

Since the family will soon be departing and I feel slightly guilty that I'm not going along, I decided we should spend some quality time together as a family. So we did dinner and a movie.

I'm glad restaurants have outside seating, because the kids can run around without pissing everyone off completely. I think people's expectations of behaviour drops considerably if you're outside.

They were pretty well behaved actually.

We went to see WALL-E. It was great. Most everything from Pixar is great, but this was really good. Completely recommend it.

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