Tuesday, July 1, 2008

8 Years of Marriage, a Recap

I met Corinne at a coffee shop while in college. She was working there and I was studying some Shakespeare. Sounds dorky, but true. We use the book for a booster seat now. She was wearing a Phoenix Suns t-shirt and I used it as an excuse to talk to her.

There was definitely some chemistry and I remember very clearly thinking that there was a girl I could marry. I had no intention of marrying her and no clue why I thought that, since marriage wasn't usually the first thing that jumped to mind when I saw a hot girl.

The next few months were wonderfully awkward as we danced around the notion that we may actually love each other. We eventually admitted that we did indeed love each other and the relationship went from there.

It was never completely easy. We're both hard headed and pretty damn sure we're both right all of the time. Honesty is as important as compassion and understanding when you're in a relationship.

We married on June 24, 2000 despite everything and everyone. We were young, stupid and still in college, but when you've decided you've found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, why wait?

Being young and married presented its own problems. Balancing school, work, life, money and marriage was incredibly difficult. Looking back, I'm not sure how we did make it with so many factors stacked against us, but we did.

The move to California was good for us. Isolation in a city of millions brought us closer together. Our marriage blossomed as our family grew.

We were premature again and had Charles in 2002. We were the second youngest couple in our birth class and people assumed we were married because of the pregnancy similar to the high school kids who were the youngest couple.

Once again we made it, despite the distance from family and the stupidly high cost of living in California.

Settling into our new family roles, we decided that it was time to go home and we managed to move back to Oxford.

The last few years have been less trying as the first ones. Our lives have been blessed and our family has grown. We're much better at fighting now and it usually takes only a few hours to work out our differences.

Shit. I don't know how to frame this summary without being cheesy or making lame ass metaphors. It's true, love is like a rose. :)

I realize now that marriage is not about trying to recapture that giddy feeling you have when you kiss someone for the first time. That part is wonderful and will make you surprise your wife with a kiss when you remember it. But marriage is about those feelings tempered with time and adversity. It's about looking back and realizing that it was your partner who helped you get through everything. Our history together defines our marriage now. 8 years of good and bad is what will keep us together through the next 8 years.


Jennifer said...

What a tribute to Corinne and to your relationship, Kent! Thanks.

Wifetastic said...

You get to sleep late for the next 100 Saturdays for calling me a "hot girl."

Rachel said...

Tear......so sweet.