Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bag O'Glass with Irwin Mainway

After Corinne and the kids got back on Sunday, we immediately headed to a birthday party for one of Charles's friends. It was a great party with games, water balloons and wonderful food.

One of the games was a treasure hunt and involved clues and prizes. After tracking down all of the hidden clues, the kids discovered a "treasure box" full of toys. The kids each got to pick out a few of the treasures that they could then take home.

Charles chose a bag of marbles as one of his toys. I was thrilled, because I was an avid marble collector in 2nd-5th grade. Weird I know, but it used to be the cool thing to do at school. The bag looked to be full of plain jane cat's eyes, but was hard to tell with all of the plastic wrapping.

After eating cake, we went home and Charles opened up his bag of marbles. I was busy reading the paper when I heard, "Cool, there are jewels in here too!"

Jewels? "Hey, let me see that."

Sure enough there were some "jewels" in the plastic netting, if by jewels you mean sharp shards of glass, roughly in the shape of diamonds.

Apparently some of the mashers (larger marbles) broke apart into smaller pieces in the bag. I picked out the pieces and gave the rest of the marbles to Charles. Here's what the pieces looked like:

I know I should have been appalled or boycotting China or something, but I couldn't help but laugh. The whole thing reminded me of the Saturday Night Live skit with Dan Aykroyd as Irwin Mainway, who during the Christmas time tried to sell Bag O'Glass to kids.

We had a real deal Bag O'Glass. How cool is that?

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