Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Exodus, Movement of the...


We've never been big TV folks at the Jackson household. This is actually very odd, because I grew up watching a lot of TV.

However, due to circumstances and lack of money, Corinne and I never got big into the TV experience. We started out with an old 19 inch TV that barely received PBS. We had that TV until 2005 when I used some Christmas and birthday money to buy a 27 inch Panasonic.

After our last move, we decided to get DirecTV. It's been like crack. We had access to everything and a DVR that could record anything we missed. However, like most relationships the bloom eventually fell off and we realized that we were watching a lot of TV. TV time was replacing talking time and becoming a way too convenient babysitter.

So for the last few weeks Corinne and I have been kicking around the idea of turning off cable and moving the TV out of the living room for aesthetic reasons. I couldn't really bring myself to do it, but I came home last night to discover that Corinne had gone ahead and cut the chord.

She had caught Charles acting in some violent manner and decided that shows like the Power Rangers were to blame. This became the proverbial straw and just like that it was over.

Last night we tried watching some shows we had on the DVR and hadn't gotten around to watching, but they all sucked. This only re-affirmed our decision.

This morning I woke up early and turned the TV on with a slight feeling of hope that maybe DirecTV had messed up and we'd still get the Simpsons until I had to ship the DVR back. That was quickly squashed by a black screen and a little box saying I hadn't purchased this channel yet.

C'est la vie. The babysitters are going to hate our guts.


Jennifer said...

We feel ya, dawg. We put the TV in the basement when we moved into this house, and since then it only gets watched on rare occasions. Scott and I are guilty of TV time as we fall asleep (usually Seinfeld DVDs or History Channel) since we have a little TV in our bedroom, but at least the boys aren't watching it much. It really is brainless for the most part. Bravo.

Wifetastic said...

Actually, I caught Charles trying to STAB Lulu with a screwdriver. My decision was also made in a Lorcet haze (see toothache below) so I can't take too much heat. Anyway, I've seen all the Scrubs episodes, right? You need to get the ol' snip snip since we'll be spending more quality time together :)