Thursday, July 10, 2008

How Do You Know When Oil Prices Are High?

When airlines start asking their customers to help protest oil speculation.

I received this email today from Northwest Airlines asking me to join them in protesting the rapidly rising oil costs which they attribute to speculators. They want me to join this site:

I haven't signed up and I'm not sure if I will. I find it sort of suspect that a corporation would ask me to protest another corporation like this. I guess the idea is that if I blame the oil company, I won't blame the airline for raising my rates.

It just seems weird to me that this is how they approach the problem. During the old Dot Com bust days, when I received odd emails from a company, it usually meant they were headed towards bankruptcy very rapidly. It was a sign of desperation as they would try anything, no matter how unconventional, to save their company.

Northwest is supposed to merge with Delta, but now I'm wondering if there isn't something going wrong with the merger that would cause them to send an email out like this.

We'll see.

Now for some Friday fun. Here's a cool image of a company that's doing well despite the shitty economy.

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