Sunday, July 27, 2008

Update and Such

Well, first off Happy birthday to:

Elise who is 3

Susan who is 21

Danny who is 30

and Jim who is in Chicago.

Lots of summer birthdays and good excuses to party.

Charles was grounded for lying. We had a long talk about what lying means and why it's bad. We grounded him for two days which meant he missed night swim at the pool. This was not fun for all parties involved, but no one said parenting was going to be fun all the time.

Corinne and the kids went down to Clinton this weekend to visit family that had come from Oklahoma. They left early to help with the cooking and cleaning, so I was unable to make it down with them.

So I had the weekend to myself to play some disc golf, drink beer, listen to bands, eat fast food and kill some fools on the xbox. It was altogether enjoyable, but I'm definitely glad to have the family back.


Wifetastic said...

I told you not to east fast food all weekend. Grrrrr.

jim d said...

Hoooray for Kent! I highly suggest eating fast food, drinking beer, listening to bands, etc. I must say that it has served me well over the past decade or so, in fact I managed to trick people into paying me MONEY to do just that. They actually consider it a JOB in some places. Pretty sweet gig.....of course the hours suck but hey, you cant have it all!!!!!