Monday, July 7, 2008

We Are Family

Family seemed to be the theme this weekend.
Corinne's Grandparents celebrated their 60th anniversary in Jackson. The Kelly Kids put on a good party and all of the kids, grand kids and great grand kids showed up. It was an impressive sight.
Their family isn't huge, but it's definitely bigger than mine. I always enjoy watching everyone and catching up. They're good folks and I'm looking forward to the next gathering.
My family has returned from camping and sun-bathing on the beach. We met in Jackson and drove back together. The kids seemed completely unfazed by the fact that they were gone from their house and their dad for 10 days. I suppose that's better than the opposite situation. I'll post some pics of the camping trip later.
Corinne is in a lot of pain caused by an abscessed tooth. She's been to the dentist twice and a ?gum? specialist once. This morning the dentist told her she'll need an emergency root canal, or it could get really dangerous. She's been a trooper, putting up with a lot of pain and taking care of the kids for the last week. Wednesday is her next appointment and hopefully everything will get better from there.
I'm glad to have them all back and am quite ready to quit my diet of beer and chicken tenders.

Edit: Pictures as promised.

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