Sunday, August 3, 2008

11 Billion Dollars and How to Spend it

ExxonMobile has once again beaten it's own record for the most profit in the history of America and has managed to make $11.68 billion dollars in 3 months. That's roughly $1,500 a second.

Oddly, it wasn't enough according to the analysts and their stock price dropped. They were supposed to make $12 billion.

If there was ever any doubt about how profitable oil is, this should clear it up. A sheik from Qatar recently needed an oil change for his Lamborghini LP640.

Rather than having just anyone change the oil, he decided it should be serviced by Lamborghini technicians. Only problem is that there are no Lamborghini dealers in Qatar. Oh, what's a poor sheik to do?

How about fly the Lamborghini to the Lamborghini dealer in London, England ? Yes, he flew the car to London for an oil change.


In an informal poll, it appears the American public is pretty fed up with oil companies. I'm not sure if they can be completely blamed, but I surely don't think they're helping the situation. The good news is that because Americans feel this way, it's less likely our politicians will open up protected lands for drilling.

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