Friday, August 22, 2008

El Otro Kentavos

Most of you who know me, know my nickname Kentavos.

I use this for my personal email addresses and commonly for my message board accounts, etc. It's my online profile, because it's unique and usually easy to register.

I picked up the name in Cancun. While there during our Senior class trip, my friend Danny, who was so impressed with my Spanish and my ability to get around bars, bathrooms and buses, decided somewhere deep down I had to be part Mexican. That being the case, I had to have a Spanish name. What's the Spanish version of Kent? No idea, so it must be Kentavos, which in hindsight is a lot better then Kento or Kentido.

And Kentavos was born.

One of the funny things about the Internet is that it really shows how un-unique we all really are. What you may not know is that there is another Kentavos in the cyberworld. El otro Kentavos lives in Portland, OR; likes soccer and apparently club music.

I first became aware of the other Kentavos when I decided to see how much of my online life would be displayed if I did a Google search for "Kentavos". Various websites and message boards, where I had made smart ass comments or asked redundant questions, were returned.

Then randomly there was a website about soccer where a Kentavos was posting comments. Wait, that's not me, I've never been to that site. And so I discovered another me.

The Internet has become sort of a land grab between me and Otro.

I registered with gmail first.
Otro got myspace.
I've had hotmail forever.
Otro owns youtube.
I own a number of random logins.
Otro owns twitter.

It's a weird tango and I always know that if I go to a website and Kentavos is already taken, Otro has been there first.

I really think it's sort of cool. It's interesting that we both love soccer and I'm sure we probably share a lot of other interests, but I'm hoping we never meet. That would be sort of weird.

I did make the latest claim though and it will impact this blog. Look for this blog to move to some time this month. Check, Otro. Your move.


sm2 said...

you know i share a gmail account with a susansullivan in california... I know all about her through the emails she receives. I tried to get google to correct the problem, but there response was, create another account. WTF? I was here first!

Blog Owner said...

So can she read your email? Have you gotten anything really juicy for her?

Google has been a little disappointing lately. I think their google groups thing sucks and trying to read my email when there are a lot of replies in gmail is almost impossible.

My google reader has been wonky lately as well since google news keeps repeating stories, I end up with 300 stories every hour.

I guess no one is perfect