Saturday, August 16, 2008

Oh So Busy

I'm going to apologize for the reduced number of blog posts lately and the noticeable decline in quality and substance.

I've been besieged by responsibilities and activities that have left me fairly exhausted and uninterested in spending more time on the computer typing away. However, much like the dull un-sharpened knives sitting in my wooden knife block, the blog has been calling my name demanding some attention. And here I am.

What have we missed. Well birthdays for one. Charles and Corinne both celebrated birthdays in August. Read the wife's blog for details and pictures. I'll only add that driving multiple six year olds an hour and a half to Memphis and back deserves some sort of damn medal. I gave Corinne some drinking glasses and napkins from Catstudio for her birthday.

Speaking of cats, we now have one. uh, yay.

It's a black cat named "Pumpkin". Charles wanted to name it "Dark Knight Cat" and Elise wanted to name it "Sassy". I would have been cool with a compromise and called it "Sassy Dark Knight", but Corinne insisted on Pumpkin.

I can read your minds, how in the world did the guy who hates all things resulting in more responsibility end up with a cat? I have no fucking idea. I came home and here's this cat. What the hell? We also ended up with two snails for the fish tank, but since they eat algae and don't require money, I'm OK with them.

So am I Noah collecting animals before the flood? No. Corinne found this cat at the park and started feeding it there.

Fine, just don't bring it home.
OK, but I think I might get it fixed.
Fine, but you have to pay for it with your own money. Wait, what was that? Is that a cat? Dammit.

It's a sweet cat, unlike the last one that I'm still not really sure ever existed since it constantly hid under the couch and only came out when everyone was asleep to howl and run laps around the furniture. This cat, Pumpkin, will actually let you scratch it, hold it, etc. There is no litter box, so at least it shits outside and I don't have to act like some ancient Egyptian servant cleaning up its feces, but it has slept inside.

We'll see. I'm pretty sure the first time it carves up one of the couches it'll be spending a lot more time outside, but for now as long it behaves itself, it can stay. sigh.

Work has been keeping me busy as well. Most of my work would be considered fairly boring, so we'll just say the TPS reports are really piling up. I did have a trip to Seattle recently. That went well and I enjoyed visiting the city and friends. It had been a while, so it was good to catch up.

One of our good friends is moving to Seattle very soon. As a matter of fact, she is probably getting completely smashed at her themed going away party as I type. It was a stone age and out of space party or something like that. So long Anna, good luck in Seattle.

Ahh, I did blog about Seattle or at least the late night driving home. Damn, another thing I need to finish. What was the other "realization"? It was about race, which was why I was hesitant to post it. Unfortunately in this country it's incredibly difficult to have an honest conversation about race. As a result, I'm completely hesitant to publicly post some of my observations. It wasn't anything bad, but in this age of Political Correctness where a person can get fired for properly using the term 'niggardly' I'd rather not take any chances.

Moving on. The Olympics. We turned off cable, but I've been keeping up somewhat. My favorite so far has been the Men's 4 x 100 relay. Absolutely inspiring. Lee Greenwood was probably crying.

Speaking of turning off the tv. I've been amazed at the amount of free content on the Internet. Comedy Central pretty much posts everything. ESPN has 360, which is free if you use ATT. There is which is now showing free full length movies, including some good ones like "Lost in Translation". There's Tidaltv, which has a random selection of free stuff. And I'm not even actively looking for stuff, these are just the ones I've stumbled across. I'm convinced that TV providers are becoming increasingly irrelevant.

Not that I'm really watching a whole lot of Internet right. So what else has been keeping me? I'm working on a couple of projects. They're both business interests that I'm keeping quiet until the appropriate time. One of them involves conquering the world, so of course that one is taking longer than I like. I've also been doing a lot of volunteer type stuff. United Way and Rotary club have been keeping me occupied. And disc golf. Ole Miss has a pretty nice course I've been spending a lot of time cussing on. It's fun and cheap, two of my favorite traits for any activity.

Enough for now. My next post should be about some global things I've been noticing. Obviously with Georgia and Russia there is a lot going on, but I'm getting the sense we're about to see some interesting stuff happen in general. More on that later.

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