Friday, September 19, 2008

I Can Tell Already

The news coverage of Oxford during the debate is going to really piss me off.

This is the first national article I've read about Oxford in terms of the debate.

What does it focus on? Racism of course. Ole Miss's history of racism and how we're trying real hard, but we're still really racist.

My favorite line:

"On a campus where white students still rarely interact with black ones, the debate is leading to discussions across the racial divide"

Sweet goodness, you've got to be kidding me.

The other beauty was how Oxford only has a black enrollment of 14%. In 2006 guess how many blacks were admitted to UCLA. 216.

So why does this piss me off? After all, it is sort of true.

Because Mississippi and the rest of the South is held to some random racial standard that the rest of the country gets a free pass on.

I've lived all over this country and trust me racism in Oxford is nothing compared to racism in Orange County, CA. What? Uh yeah. See, out there the discrimination isn't just a black and white issue, although it's still an issue, but it involves all races. It's so damn prevalent, that people don't even stop to think about it. Slurs are common as well as de facto segregation.

Watch this video and tell me it's not racist. If you tried pulling a stunt like that in Mississippi it'd be a national news story. In California, it's funny.

In Hawaii, they tried to setup a school that only pure Hawaiians could attend. Again, try setting up an all white school in Mississippi and see what happens.

For the record, the school was forced to accept whites, but I don't see stories about Hawaii's troubled racial past when they have a televised college football game. And yes, they have a long history of racism, ask a Haole sometime.

You'll hear the "N" word uttered publicly more times in New York than you ever will in Oxford.
In France, there is no such thing as a black governor.

Give me a fucking break. You come to a beautiful city, full of a wonderful culture and people and the only thing you can think to write about is how damn racist everyone is?

There is no doubt that Oxford has race issues. But we're no different then the rest of the country, except maybe for the fact that we actually try to do something about it.

I know all of the coverage won't be like this, but damn.

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