Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm Seriously Considering Voting For


There is apparently no one in politics who cares about anything other than politics and money.

The Democrats, who have a majority in both the Senate and the House, have decided to let the ban on offshore drilling expire. Really, what's the excuse here? Is this the best the Democrats can do?

Why did people bother to vote for change, if all we end up getting is the same stuff but with more whining? At least when the Republicans had the majority and the White House, you had an excuse.

So what does offshore drilling buy us? Well, the price of oil will go down in the short term, because that's the way volatile, un-regulated markets behave. But it won't be long before there is a good excuse to pump that price back up. For instance, OPEC could simply reduce production. Never mind that it will be past the first term of the next president before a single drop of oil is actually extracted.

It's also been proven over and over again that the price of oil is not directly related to the price of gas. There is only a correlation when the two are going up. There doesn't seem to be any correlation in the opposite direction. So, no it won't really reduce the price of gas either.

What about energy independence? There is not enough oil to in all of North America to do that. So no, forget that part. Besides as long as we're a little dependant, we're still dependant.

Again, so why would we do this? Money of course. Lots of it. Money for ExxonMobil and politician's campaign funds. Money for taxes and the Federal Government.

I am extremely disappointed in our government right now.

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