Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Little Catching Up

Yay for high school and college friends. I got to see a couple of them last week and enjoyed their company. Both were randomly drawn to Oxford for various reasons and I'm glad their schedule left them time to hang out.

We didn't really play the "dang we're getting old" game, which I think is a good sign that we've accepted our fate and are getting old.

You'll never have friends like you did in college. Work is too much of an obstacle for that level of bonding. So I definitely treasure the friends I have. Even if some of you fuckers never call back. You know who you are.

I sold the truck. Some of you may know the truck from my blog. If not, basically I owned a really old (24 yrs. old) Toyota pickup truck. This was our second car for a very long time and I spent lots of time driving, fixing, cussing, and caring for it. Sadly, the truck was no longer being driven as often as it should have and I decided that it was best to sell it.

You would be amazed at the level of demand there is for an old truck. Maybe it's the South or something, but I had it sold in less than a week with just a "For Sale" sign in the back. People were calling me constantly wanting to let me know that they really wanted to buy it. I used to receive offers on it, without the "For Sale" sign, so I knew it would go quickly, but it was still amazing the amount of interest that was shown for a rusty old truck.

I sort of miss it, but all is well, because I used the money to buy a computer. This is a very exciting time for the Jackson household, because we actually bought something new. I've been threatening to buy a new computer for some time, but just never could make the leap as long as one of the 7 yr. old laptops still connected to the Internet.

We bought a red Dell Studio 15. It has a back lit keyboard that seems to be malfunctioning, a built in webcam, and a pretty stupid finger print reader. It's amazingly cool (cool as in cold) and quiet and I'm not afraid my testicles are going to spontaneously combust while I blog. Yay for un-burned testicles.

I'm debating whether or not I'll send it back to get the back lit keyboard fix. When it works, it's awesome, but I hate to be computerless for another two weeks while I wait to get it back.

Charles is in 1st grade. He has homework and reading assignments, etc. He's selling Sally Foster wrapping paper and crap to raise money for his school.

Really he's not selling it, we are and I'm not really worried about him raising money for his school as much as I'm worried he'll be upset that he missed the pizza party because we didn't sell enough of this crap. Stupid Sally Foster. If anyone needs some crap, let me know because we're selling it.

Elise is taking gymnastics. I have no idea what that actually means. I've asked her, "Elise what did you do in gymnastics today?" and I get the same response that I get from Charles.

"I don't know."

I try to lead her with questions into telling me what she did, but I have no idea what you do in gymnastics as this age, so I'm not very good at it. "Did you play on the balance beam?" blah.

When she first started, I would have moments of panic when I thought what if she's really good? In gymnastics you peak at age 16 or something. Geez, what if we're already behind and wasting her natural talents.

These are normal panic thoughts for parents and eventually pass when you stare at your little pumpkin who wears clothing 2 sizes big and think, nah no way in hell. Sorry baby, I love you, but I'm not going to hire the Russian coach just yet.

All in all, all is well and all caught up for now.

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Wifetastic said...

Her clothes aren't too big. Its called being crafty and getting 2 seasons out of it. DISHWASHER IS HERE!