Tuesday, September 2, 2008

You so Crazy

Democrats, Republicans and Moderates are spinning with McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as a Vice President. The Dems are pointing out how bad of a choice it was and are furiously digging for dirt and skeletons. Republicans are wondering why Huckabee and Romney got passed over, but are excited about a woman that is relatively attractive and likes to shoot large animals with large caliber weapons. Moderates are shaking their heads trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

The real question is how will this all play out? McCain has consolidated his base. I truly believe this despite what the liberals want to say. Palin is extremely conservative and will appeal to all the conservatives despite her past. Let me emphasize that part again. DESPITE HER PAST. The only thing that could sink her would be if she had an abortion at some point growing up. Anything short of that will not stick with the Republicans.

What about the moderates? If McCain is smart, he'll let Palin deal with the conservatives and move towards the middle and collecting moderates. He'll paint Obama as a hedonistic liberal determined to take money from the "middle class" and give it to the non-working poor. He'll talk about national security and how the country must be made safe. He'll stay away from Bush. He'll talk about "work" programs that will help stimulate the country, just like FDR. I'll even bet he comes up with a program that plays off of the "New Deal".

If McCain is dumb, he'll talk about Obama being a celebrity. He'll talk about lack of experience in diplomatic situations. He'll downplay Democratic energy proposals.

And the Dems? They should be quietly digging into Palin's past and holding anything good until November. They should be appealing to the middle with solutions for the economy and energy. They should give clear examples of Obama's "toughness" and his ability to deal with bullying nations or terrorists. They should put a muzzle on Biden.

Obama should stop trying to tie McCain to Bush. This is getting old and he can let Biden and the rest of the Dems make this argument on his behalf. Obama should stay away from anything that could be seen as weakness towards the situation in the Middle East.

I'm still undecided, but leaning towards Obama. His acceptance speech was incredible and he should absolutely destroy McCain during the debates. McCain was smart to announce his VP pick the day after the speech. He totally sucked up the media attention.

I think economy and energy are going to be the most important issues to me this year. I think that probably reflects what most of the moderates are thinking.

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Wifetastic said...

I'm listening to CNN and FOX alternatively trying to make up my mind. I'm so excited for November.