Monday, January 19, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah humbug...

You may have noticed that I seemed to lose some steam on that last blog post about the economy. I could honestly go on forever about the economy, money, etc. I abbreviated that last section to end the suffering. It was a mercy post or maybe a courtesy post. You decide.

Well, enough about markets, let's talk about family for a little bit. Christmas was good. The kids woke up to Razor scooters under the tree. We had tons of family in town to enjoy the Christmas morning. Participants, besides the Jackson Four, were:
Christina (Kent's Sister)
Pop (Corinne's Dad)
Mimi (Corinne's Mom)
Mawmaw (Corinne's Grandmother)
Lindsey (Corinne's Sister)
Austin (Lindsey's Husband)

Needless to say our little house was packed, but cheery. Corinne and I have made Coors Light a Christmas Eve tradition and mimosas and bloody maries a Christmas Morning tradition, which tends to add to the Christmas Spirit for everyone.

I got Corinne an iPhone for Christmas and she has yet to set it down. If they had those things 10 years ago, I would have given her one with a picture of a diamond ring on it and I'm sure she would have still said yes. It's pretty incredible and I'm looking forward to getting one some day when Apple learns to share with other carriers.

Corinne gave me a very special gift by framing 20 Morgan Silver Dollars of mine. These dollars were my Grandpa's and have made their way through the family and into my hands. They have quite a few stories attached to them and mean a lot to me. They mean even more now that they were framed by my thoughtful wife.

After Christmas, the Oxford Jacksons packed up and headed to the Coast to visit the Jacksons of D'Iberville (My parents and my brother).

The Coast is a strange and mystical place and it always tugs at my heart strings a little when ever we go down. It's the true dirty South, but damn if I don't miss it sometimes.
We had a great visit and managed to take some money from the Beau Rivage, catch an Ole Miss vs. Southern basketball game, visit with Grandpa and Mimi Cheryl, built a bear and a dinosaur, saw the Batton's and their newest addition, and visited with the Guices and Casey. So much to do and barely enough time to do it.

After the Coast we headed to Clinton to see the Kellys and spend New Year's Eve before heading to the Cotton Bowl. Stay Tuned... I have to go watch ' Margot at the Wedding'.

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