Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wally World

I just bought 72 shares of Wal Mart (WMT) at $48.6301 a share.

- $7.00 (transaction fee)
- $3501.37 (72 x 48.6301)

= $491.63

I'll have to figure out a better format for these posts so it's easier to follow. Also, I only spent $3500 because of transaction costs, etc.


sm2 said...

Let the games begin!

Wifetastic said...

if this goes to shit, i get to pick out my new Frye boots. and a bigger diamond.

daniel said...

if it doesnt go to shit, and goes to gold, then you might get the frye boots and larger diamonds too! of course kent will kent a gun, a big ego, 4 wheeler, a tesla coupe, 30 more green lasers, etc...

Proudlee Henpeck said...

I don't know--I don't think Walmart will be a good buy forever, even when the market recovers. The Age of Cheap, Plastic, Poisonous Crap from China is, I hope, soon to be over.

Buy local, buy American. My new mantra.