Saturday, April 18, 2009

Egypt What?

Conversation I just had with Charles driving back from Big Bad Breakfast.

Charles: Did you know Charlie Bird died when he was 22?
Me: Who is Charlie Bird?
Charles: He played saxophone. He did too many drugs and he died.
Me: Ohh. Yeah you shouldn't do drugs.

Charles: And Two Tonka Men died when he was 18.
Me: Who?
Charles: Two Tonka Men, he was a King.
Me: Two Tonka Men?
Charles: Yeah he lived in Egypt.

Me: Ha, yeah. People didn't live very long back then.

I didn't bother correcting him, I sort of like Two Tonka Man better than Tutankhamun and he'll learn soon enough.


Corinne said...

I like that Charlie Bird did too many drugs. Not drugs in general, just too many.

sm2 said...

Charles is so freaking smart. love him.