Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hon Dur As, Hon Dur As, Hon Dur As!!

This was the prevailing Honduran cheer during the World Cup qualifier game in Chicago where the US National Men's Team beat Honduras, 2 to 1, in an excellent match. Daniel and I traveled to Chicago to watch the game and hang out with our good friend Jim and his girlfriend Krista. It was my first professional soccer match and I can't wait to go to another one.

When the taxi drove up to Soldier Field, I could not believe the amount of Honduran fans. The US fans were easily outnumbered by a 3 to 1 ratio. Fans holding baby blue and white flags were everywhere blowing horns and chanting, "Hon Dur As, Hon Dur As!"

I immediately wondered what the population of the country was (7.5 million) and if they all came to Chicago to watch the match (no, a few stayed home). I had to admire the pride and support they showed for their team and country as they jovially wandered about cheering and posing for pictures.

The US fans were hard core as well and deserve a great amount of respect for their level of support.

The whole event reminded me of the Grove and I would randomly shout "Let's Go Rebels!" and "Hotty Toddy!" to add to the chaos.

After the game the Honduran fans remained in good spirits despite the loss to the US team. Satisfied smiles were on every ones faces as we followed the winding river of fans back to the city.

I think about the fans and how their good spirit must contrast greatly with how they're feeling now as they watch their country go through a military coup. I wonder which political side they land on, if any, and how they must worry about their relatives and friends in Honduras.

I'm reminded once again why the United States and the stability and peace it represents makes it the popular landing spot for immigrants across the globe. I remember again not take this country for granted and to appreciate the opportunities I have.


and my heart goes out to you Hondurans.

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