Friday, March 1, 2013

Who Reads this Crap Anyways?

1181 views.  One of my posts had 1181 people click on it.  I'm sure a lot are accidents, Googleing (is it Googling or Googleing?) for something and somehow the right combination of nonsense and luck leads you to my post.  For instance if I mention Justin Bieber, Natalie Portman and Kim Kardashian I'll probably get a few hundred views.  I'm also certain all of those searchers will be upset with the results.    

Regardless of how they get here people do get here.  Which makes me feel like my little dark corner of the internet isn't so dark or cornered.  I'm old, so I like to imagine that when I have a blog that is open to the public that's about me and my thoughts only my friends and family would ever really read it.  After all, why would anyone else care?  

I don't think anyone does care, but it's still there and people still have access to it.  Which scares me quite frankly.  I have lots of opinions and thoughts.  I have strong opinions about gun control and the government.  I have strong opinions about religion and life.  So does everyone else and most of the time my opinions are contrary to other people's opinions.  People that I respect or that I consider friends.  Some of those people know at some level that their opinions are different but we both agree to sort of look away and not make a big deal out of it.  And we remain friends.  But when we start posting crap on the internet then it's out there in the open for anyone to see.  Exposed like your ugly birthmark on the side of your hip.  It can't be unseen.  It can certainly be forgotten by people like me, but not everyone has the same unstable and foggy memory that I do.

And not everyone is sane.  Let me restate that, everyone is pretty crazy.  The internet makes people do strange things and become even crazier.  During the college football signing period people were sending death threats to 17 yr. old kids because they thought the kid had disrespected their favorite school by choosing to not go there.  Like the anonymous stranger really had any type of say over what a 17 yr. old kid decides to do with his life.  Like it's so important that we're going to threaten to kill someone over football.  

People find power behind the anonymous internet that they don't have in real life and they abuse it.  To compound things, the internet makes it easy to reach these people.  It makes it easier to know addresses, phone numbers, friends and family members.  It makes the world smaller which is uncomfortable really if you think about it.

That scares me.  Now, I freely admit I'm more paranoid than most about such things but I'm also a realist.  99.999% of the crazies are too lazy to get off the couch or too stupid to really be a threat in real life.  So I'm not going to suddenly "go dark" (that's a cool term that wannabe military people like to use) and try to erase my internet presence or end this blog.  However, I am going to not post the rest of the story about me.  2 yrs. ago I started and promptly failed an ambitious project of writing an autobiography.  I started to pick the story back up today and after some thought have decided not to.  It's just more than I would like to share with anonymous strangers.  A major disappointment, I'm sure.

So what will I share?  I don't know, but stay tuned because I do plan on sharing more often.

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